Boys Get Hurt Too | Shorts

I once knew this boy. The boy was wonderful. He had the handsomest face, and was as tall as a pole. He loved dancing, and he could even sing. His heart was made of gold. Everyone was jealous of this boy, the boy with all the looks, and talent, and money (of course his father … Continue reading Boys Get Hurt Too | Shorts

Gunpowder | Shorts [Fiction]

We were bursting crackers on Diwali and there was madness all around. I, of course, stood about 7 feet away from the troop of charged up kids who were bursting bomb after bomb, shooting multiple sky-shots. I had a mild fear of crackers that stemmed from nothing (what, one doesn't always have to be a … Continue reading Gunpowder | Shorts [Fiction]

Subjugated By The Perpetrator. | Shorts [Fiction]

I lay face-down on the floor, surrounded by the shattered remains of the crystal glass, breathing in the coldness of the marble. The metallic scent of my own blood mingled with the icy smell. I'd been in the same position for nearly ten minutes now. The crying had long stopped, my heart had thudded down … Continue reading Subjugated By The Perpetrator. | Shorts [Fiction]