Swing | Shorts [Fiction]

It is ten fifty five post meridiem. The Purana Garden is deserted at this hour, except for the lone cow sitting near the gate. A couple of lamps are gloomily awake, casting a dull yellow light over the fawning garden. The tire-swing I am sitting on squeaks a little, as I gaze at the glimmering … Continue reading Swing | Shorts [Fiction]

Right here. | Shorts [Fiction]

I was sitting in my pink bedroom, dressing up my cotton-stuffed unicorn in my old shorts, when I heard the first scream of the evening. By then I was accustomed to hearing yells from the living room. I continued stuffing Mr. Fluffy into the shorts. He stared at me lopsidedly, his beady black eyes glimmering … Continue reading Right here. | Shorts [Fiction]