Star-Crossed. | Part II

Well you see, Arjun Solanki and I went all the way back to our childhood, when our families lived next door to each other in Karol Bagh. Tara, and I were inseparable, joined at the hip, literally living at each other’s houses’. Naturally, Arjun, as Tara’s older brother, was always in vicinity, be it when … Continue reading Star-Crossed. | Part II

Star-Crossed. | Part I [Fiction]

'I'm getting married!' Tara announced, holding up her daiquiri, a gleeful smile adorning her face. Next to me, Shyla spat out her vodka. 'Nitesh proposed last night over dinner!' I noticed that this was the first time all evening she had allowed her left hand to be visible above the table- on her 3rd finger sat … Continue reading Star-Crossed. | Part I [Fiction]