The modern day art of storytelling

One of the best-known names in the history of storytelling is Ibn Batuta, the Moroccan scholar who toured the medieval world over a period of three decades. His travels covered most of the modern-day Middle East, and even great parts of Africa and East Asia. His journals are still referred to by scholars and learners … Continue reading The modern day art of storytelling

Star-Crossed. | Part IX: {2}

The practice wasn’t bad at all—until it was time for the boys to join in. We finished the first song in three hours, since all the girls were pretty decent dancers. The boys (mostly Dev) wouldn’t stop whining about how it was unfair for them to be forced to sit through the girls dance routine, … Continue reading Star-Crossed. | Part IX: {2}

Star-Crossed. | Part VI

‘Pinch me, Stuti. I think I’m dreaming.’ Tara said, her nose almost pressing up against the cold window, her breath fogging up the glass. I pinched her. She shrieked. ‘Ouch!’ I chuckled unapologetically and returned to stuffing my ear-pods and novel into my handbag. Our IndiGo flight had landed at the Jaipur International Airport only … Continue reading Star-Crossed. | Part VI