Nervous | Prose

We were on our second date

-young and nervous-

sharing a popcorn bucket

in the dark theatre.

Somewhere in between the movie

his arm found its way around my shoulders

-warm and nervous-

I leaned towards him

looking, but not looking

meeting, but not meeting his gaze.

His arm slipped down

settling between my waist and hip

casually curled, like it belonged there

-nonchalant and nervous-

A whisper;

‘Maya? May I kiss you?’

a brief nod.

gazes meet.

His eyes reflect the movie screen

and adoration.

We kiss


-uncertain and nervous-

The other hand finds its way to my chin

cupping it gently

holding me to him.

I sigh

unable to move

scared to ruin the moment.


Another whisper.

‘Maya? Look into my eyes.’

I do.

‘You’re beautiful’ his mouth says

and I collapse

at his words

his voice

his gaze

his warmth

his presence.

-not nervous any more-

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