Tired |

Tired of having to wake up in the same bed every morning, between the same blanket and pillows, next to the same teddy bear.
Tired of drinking the same cup of coffee or tea, of having breakfast in the same monotonous dinner plates.
Tired of catching the same bus to college, of gazing at the same roads.
Tired of sitting inside the same walls, of similar conversations with the same people.
Tired of returning to the same house in the evening, watching the same TV shows, laughing at the same jokes.
Tired of breathing in the same air.
Tired of listening to the same rants about “why don’t you work harder?”, or “why aren’t your rotis rounder?”


I love my family, I love my friends. Dubai has given me so much.
But, I’m tired.
18 years of life, 17 in Dubai.
It’s time to leave.
I want to travel. Meet new people. Learn new things.


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