Boys Get Hurt Too | Shorts

I once knew this boy.
The boy was wonderful.
He had the handsomest face, and was as tall as a pole.
He loved dancing, and he could even sing.
His heart was made of gold.
Everyone was jealous of this boy, the boy with all the looks, and talent, and money (of course his father was rich).
But then, the boy fell in love.
He thought she was the one.
Gave her everything he had.
All his love, all his time, all his effort.
After all, it was true love.
She left him,
taking with her his soul.

Now the boy was lost.
There were irreparable holes in him.
Who was going to stitch them?

He did it himself.

He picked himself up from the dust,
brushing sand and memories off his clothes.
He let go.
Pursued a degree.
Sought his ambition of being successful and achieved it.
Carved a niche for himself in his father’s eyes.

I once knew this boy.
Today he’s a man.

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