Living in the Future | Prose

Someday, as I’m walking the streets of Dubai,

window shopping for trinkets and clothes,

I’ll bump into you.

I’ll walk into you, face-first,

my hands full of shopping bags and memories.

‘Hi!’ we’ll both smile in an awkward but determined manner,

eager to end this meeting,

and yet, eager to let it unfold.

I’ll take in your face, your smell, your eyes,

watching them, holding them to my heart momentarily,

for we were once lovers.

But then perhaps, I’ll remember,

that I have found someone new to love,

and that I can no longer make you the subject of my attentions.

So then, our talks will wither away into a general black hole of mundaneness,

maybe we’ll talk about the weather,

or how our careers are coming along.

Perhaps we’ll sit down for a bite,

or perhaps we’ll simply part our ways,

I do not know.

But what I do know,

I regret nothing.

I do not regret loving you,

nor do I regret kissing you in the dark staircases,

despite it being the worst decision I could’ve made.

I do not regret letting go of you today,

because as you were losing me,

I found myself.

And when I do bump into you tomorrow.

or next week,

or next year,

I won’t regret it,

for I have learned to live in the future.

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