Empower: A view on “My Choice” | [Rant]

Okay so a ton of us have seen the video titled, “My Choice”, directed by Homi Adajania, for the Vogue Empower campaign, narrated by popular Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. All of us have settled down with some opinions on it, which initially ranged from ‘Omg, what a brave video!’, to ‘Deepika, you go girl!’ Personally, I thought the video was a great initiative, especially after the previous video by the same campaign (“Start With the Boys”, by Vinil Mathew, starring Madhuri Dixit). Everyone seemed to be raving about the video, and every social networking platform was groaning under the weight of shares and likes.

However, there’s a new angle creeping now, a side that states that hey, if Deepika claims that a woman can sleep with someone outside of marriage, then why can’t a man do the same?


The video was never about who gets to sleep with whom, and when. The campaign has the term “empower” in it, and that’s exactly what it puts at display. The video merely talks about how every woman out there has the right to make her own choices, and she doesn’t need to depend on anyone. As for the question of why the phrase ‘I can have sex before marriage, or outside my marriage’ is in the video, well because anyone can do it! Of course, on moral grounds this may offend some people, but hey, DEAL WITH IT. Lots of things on this planet can be banned on moral grounds, but they still happen, right?Heard of poly-amorous relationships, the practice of having more than one intimate romantic partner? That could happen while you’re married too.

And now that one person has raised the flaws, everyone else is joining the bandwagon too. Naturally, when there is positive criticism, there’s always a negative side to it. How else would the universe maintain its balance? The video doesn’t preach anything. It only focuses on churning out strong powerful women.

Honestly, female empowerment is an issue that the Indian government really needs to work on. More job opportunities for women, but no safety while travelling at night? Giving them higher working positions, but still lower salaries than their male counterparts? Hello, some clarity would be nice! This isn’t just about this particular video, or the way people reacted to Anushka Sharma after India lost the semi-finals against Australia (apparently, due to Anushka. Cause you know, she was their coach!) People’s thinking towards women really needs to change, in more than one way. No, a woman isn’t a toy, nor is she going collapse without the support of a strong man. Feminism isn’t about competing with men, it is merely about equality. All a woman asks for is equality in every sphere. I get a 1000$? You get a 1000$. I punch you? You punch me. I make rotis? You make rotis.

Another query that people posed: why is Deepika appearing to open her bra towards the end of the short film? Maybe because it symbolizes that no woman needs to be kept in restraints? Perhaps a bra merely indicates this stupid society that is holding back women from their true destiny?

Also because bras are really uncomfortable.


Follow the link to see “My Choice” if you haven’t seen it yet, and feel free to drop in your criticism, both positive as well as negative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtPv7IEhWRA

Also watch “Start with the boys”, another inspiring short-film for the Vogue Empower campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Nj99epLFqg

Cheers to all the ladies!

And men too, nobody’s forgotten you fellas. 🙂

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