Breakup Blues | [Non-Fiction]

According to some kind of study, it takes approximately 17 months for you to completely get over an ex. To this, I have three things to say:

  • this is in regard to people who possess the ability to think and understand the concept of love, and have dated for a considerable amount of time, and not like some nasty prepubescent teens
  • someone actually had the time to do such a research?
  • 17 months?! Fuck, that is long.

Of course, unless you find someone else along the way who manages to perhaps quicken, or ease the process of “healing”. However, doesn’t mean you jump into a relationship within three days, and let this new person become a victim of your ‘break up blues’.

That’s right. Let’s denote this period of pain with a colour that defines it with clarity.

But this is not what people want to know after a break up. The first question that arises: why me?

Well maybe because there was nothing left to hold on to?

The flaws are on either side. Sometimes, only one side. But at the end, you emerge with scars that leave lasting marks. Scars that have been burned into your flesh, with tongs labelled as ‘love’, there for as long as you will allow them to stay.

Don’t let them stay.

Everybody has their own way of coping up with a break up. I believe in these:

  • Love yourself. If you’ve emerged from a tough break up, battered and bruised, nurse yourself. Look in the mirror and talk to yourself. Pat your back. If you’re two-headed, kiss yourself.
  • Let the tears flow. Holding it back just makes it worse.
  • Punch a wall. Just kidding, punch the teddy.
  • Talk to your ex about it, if possible. No, you’re not begging to get back together. Just analyzing what went wrong.
  • The temptation of patching up is high. If you think it’s worth it, do it. If it isn’t, walk the fuck out.
  • Occupy yourself. Take up a hobby. Read. Travel. If possible, throw stones at people walking on the street. Let them feel your pain too.
  • Find friends who offer solace.

Naturally, who the hell cares when you actually have your heart crushed into roughly 17829248 pieces?

Once you rise out of the pit, take a deep breath, and smell all the new boys.

No, don’t do that. Maybe staying away from boys for a while would be nice.tumblr_mi803llfoQ1qi2drzo1_500(photo credit:

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